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there are three levels to tumblr friendships:

1. super nice messages

2. slightly wierd messages

3. messages with the entirety of bohemian rhapsody lyrics and messages at 4am saying things like “what if you woke up and u were a chicken”

If you are looking to move from level 1 to level 2 or level 2 to level 3, CONSIDER THIS YOUR INVITATION.

If u are looking to going straight to level three with me my ask is wide open

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So I made a little size chart of Dragons of Middle-Earth

I think these are right but if anyone has quotes or anything to indicate something different, send them my way and I’ll fix it.

holy shet that’s some huge fucking dragons goddamn

And considering that film!Smaug is as enormous as he is? I’d be scared to come up against Ancalagon. O_O

This puts things in hilarious perspective though, because Smaug is all “I AM FIRE I AM DEATH MY CLAWS ARE SPEARS MY WINGS ARE A HURRICANE”, when really he’s practically a chihuahua.

And that’s exactly the behavior of a chihuahua. They act all big and bad when they can be picked up with one hand.

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